Slingshotters Club

“Slingshotters Club” is a non-profit making interactive association wherein the members called 'Slingshotter(s)’ will have interactive get-togethers to exchange the views, skills, talents, knowledge, etc. among themselves helping each other either to learn new skills or develop the already known skills…

  • The Slingshotters Club remains a solid basement towards creating strong pillars of the future…
  • There will be periodical get-togethers organized for the Slingshotters to augment the horizon of life with no limiting boundaries…
  • Let this first step be the best step towards enhancing Slingshotters’ life and lifestyle…

The only way to predict your future is to create it… Look forward, ahead and beyond…

Rules & Regulations:

  • Each participant of the Slingshot Enhancement Programme automatically becomes a life member of the Slingshotters club
  • No separate subscription fee will be charged to become a member of the club
  • Each member is expected to maintain the basic etiquettes and discipline during the interactive get-togethers
  • Each member is expected to extend the basic courtesy to other members while interacting in person or through various communication medias
  • Each member is expected to extend the possible support while organizing the get-togethers
  • The club authorities are not responsible for any of the interactions happen between the members
  • The club authorities may terminate any individual from the membership status without prior notice
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