Romancing de Nature: Mongoose Nature Trails, Treks & Camps

The Mongoose Nature Trails, Treks & Camps Package cost depends on the Destination / Group Size / Mode of Transport / Food Preference / Other Connected Services


  • Simple vegetarian food will be served during the complete trip (Non-Veg menu can be organized at additional cost on prior information & subject to feasibility)

Mongoose Package includes:

  • Overnight stay accommodation at the Forest Guest House / Resort / Hotel / In open (subject to the location of the visit)
  • Food as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Basic Survival Ration, in case if trekking is involved
  • Two bottles of drinking water (Additional requirement to be procured at own cost)
  • Entry fee into the Reserve Forest
  • Trek Guide charges
  • Bonfire (Subject to feasibility & permission from concerned authorities)

Mongoose Package does not include:

  • Transportation from own location to destination and back (can be organized at additional cost)
  • Food other than mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entry fee into any other places of visit
  • Camera charges / Safari charges / Dharshan charges, etc.
  • Snacks during bonfire (can be organized at additional cost on prior information & subject to feasibility)
  • Personal expenses, if any


  • The trip can be customized as per the group’s exact interest
  • No guarantee will be given on sighting any wildlife / Birds / Plants, etc during the trek
  • Since the area of visit may have only the basic amenities for stay, it’s advisable to carry own bed sheet / blanket along with personal toiletries for overnight stay
  • All participants are requested to carry their personal medicines, if any
  • All participants are requested to carry a bed sheet (this can be a standby in case of any shortage of the same in the Forest Guest House)
  • It’s the responsibility of the coordinating person / team leader of the participating group to collect and maintain the emergency contact details of each participant
  • Outdoor activities are not mandatory and will be subject to weather as well as feasibility conditions
  • All participants are requested to follow the law of nature to ensure that the ecology of the mother earth is preserved at its best
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the forest area
  • Basic Survival Ration will be provided by the organizer, subject to the exact need / feasibility
  • The area of visit is under the control of Forest Department and there may be any last minute restriction to enter into the assigned area without prior notice
  • The organizer is not responsible for any untoward incident if happens during the course of the trip. However, basic precautions will be taken by the organizer to ensure that the trip ends in a good note

Mongoose Nature Activities (Subject to feasibility / time availability / permission from concerned authorities):

  • Trekking (Mild / Medium / Hard Treks)
  • Riverbed Trek
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Birding
  • Basics of Birding
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Nature Photography
  • Angling, etc

Wild Crafts:

  • Fun & Learn with Rope Knots
  • Direction Finding
  • Target Indication
  • Sky-Gazing
  • Jungle Survival Tips
  • Bivouac Making
  • Tent Pitching
  • Field Cooking
  • River Crossing (Basics)
  • Improvised Rafting
  • Improvised Chopsticks, etc.


  • Bonfire
  • Self Defence Basics (Body Techniques / Nunchaku / Silambam)
  • Life Saving / First Aid (Basics), etc.
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