Dear Captain Sir,

First of all I thank you for sending the book "Romancing de Life, Live Smart - Live a Royal Life" through Mr. Satish. Some of the main quotes touch my heart that I am mentioning below:
1. Communication without subject is blindness - subject without communication is dumbness
2.  A leader has to be in the front to pull the people, at the rear to push the people and in the middle to give shoulder to the people
3.  More and more faceted activities make a person more shining and worth living
4.  Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success
5. The common man never learns from any of his experiences; the normal man learns from his own experiences; but the smart man learns from others' experiences
6. The effectiveness of an individual multiplies when he delegates the power
7. 'I's and 'D's
8. The only way to predict your future is to create it
9.  You have to be clean and you have to be seen clean
10. Good habits
11. A person can be a visionary only if he focuses his attention on others' welfare
12. Be a path finder and not a fault finder.
13. A true friend is a friend and is beyond any classification
14.  Most of the achievers have achieved because they converted their passion into profession
15. Extend genuine help to genuine people
16. Perseverance pays and you have to be tough physically and mentally to achieve anything in life
17. Tomorrow will come every day, but today comes only today. So finish off this day's work by today itself
18. Try to identify your weakness and turn them to your advantage to make them your strengths.
19. Never come in to over-smart work as it may damage your image and reputation
20. Fill in the gap before you fall in to action
21. Great work starts with a humble beginning.
22. A small steps in mind - a Giant leap in life
Like this there are lot of tips in this book that you have gone through your real experience and are useful for the present and future generation.
Dear sir, please keep on writing and train people. Don't put full stop, keep it continuous...
I will pray to God for your good health and long life...

All the best.
MB Suresh
General Manager
Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L & T)

Dear Sir,

I enjoyed reading your book in Connemara Library. It was very inspiring and intellectually rewarding. I have recommended your book to my classmates and friends.

I have written few articles in The Hindu newspaper. Please find the link below. Please do give your valuable feedback


I have a few questions/doubts ?

1. why people join armed forces when there are other NON RISKY, GOOD MONEY MAKING career options ?
Because in a fraction of second anything can happen in military operations.So what drives people to join armed forces.Is it love to serve the motherland? Dont they have FEAR OF DEATH ?

Recently I saw flash news at the bottom of a news channel - Army convoy in Kashmir valley attacked by terrorist and 2 soldiers were killed fighting the terrorists. For others it may be a small statistic but it is an irreparable loss to the soldier's family.My heart bleeds on hearing such news.

2. How to overcome FEAR of anything? and especially FEAR OF DEATH? could you please give some tips strategies ?

3. How some people are able to do heroic deeds.without bothering about their own life, they take risk and choose to protect others.They very well know they may lose their life in operation?like fighting terrorists.
What is their state of mind?how is it possible?is it Army training ?

4. How to survive in a tough situation without giving up?In armed forces people learn to survive in toughest situations,thats what I heard.How to survive ?

Could you please give some tips/strategies used in Armed forces which makes people survive in tough situations without giving up.
I understand you will be a busy person.But I would be grateful if you could take some time off and clear my doubts and say a few inspiring words.

Thanks & Regards,

Capt. Subbu's Reply...

Dear Mr. Karthik,

Greetings from Capt. Subbu!!!

My sincere thanks for your feedback on my book and it's really a motivation for me...

Gone through your mail and noted the clarifications that you have asked for about Army mindset and will be glad if you could call me sometime late in the evening over phone and my mobile number is 98415 75740...

Happy reading and have a nice day...

Capt. Subbu

Dear Captain sir,

Hi sir, Hope you are happy there. I just finished reading your book "Romancing de Life". Not just reading, I learnt a lot sir. initially, when I heard the title of your book I imagined a lot because of the word romance. Actually, I am fond of books falling under romance genre. And self development books.

I started reading just like that. But your start with the explanation of ROMANCING PERIOD pulled me in. And then I continued to read the book with full involvement. Many of your lines and topics reflected my life and my nature like looking myself as a hero after watching a film, like your friend who have good memory power but not utilizing it properly.But in my case, Instead of a friend like you, my dad is doing the job of encouraging.


Proud to feel that I am not living under IF AT ALL category. But I have a syndrome to be liberated from..my mind used to tell that u should not do that. But at some cases, I wont listen to that HAVE TO WORK ON THAT. Apart from these I think I have some more work to do in developing the personal skills.

I never heard that the personal skills includes these many things. The main thing that attracted me a lot towards this book is the way you narrated the topics with your simple real life experiences. Hats off sir. I m really impressed to ur real life situations as a captain, employee and more as a nature lover.

After reading your book, I am feeling a light falling on my dark dream of writing a novel. your words on how you started, progressed and finished the book, still beating at heart. Hope for a novel soon...but it may be a kind of fiction one. And I wish you to write your real life experiences as a book that u explained here as examples sir.


Overall you have done great job captain. It is a GEM for me. you deserve it sir.

I forget to tell you that am missing your "Slingshot Enhancement Programme" sir. And I would like to hear invites from you. If you proceed any activities like trekking, bird watching and nature activities, WHEREVER and WHENEVER....

with love,

Dear Ashok (Capt. Subbu)


I have received the book Romancing de Life. Thank you very much. Again I have started reading. From my reading i could understand the efforts put in by you for writing this book. A good attempt and I wish to appreicate you for your diversified venture. I am also very happy and feel proud of you for your way of thinking and the way of doing things differently. I wish you all the best, thank you,

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. B. Nagalingam Pillai,
Director, Faculty & HR Development,
K N S K, College of Engineering
Therekalputhoor, K.K.Dist - 629 901.

Dear Capt. Subbu,

Thanks a lot for sending me a copy of your book. I have been reading it and find it enlightening. Thanks a lot,

S. Theodore Baskaran
26, Asha Township,
Doddagubbi Post,
Bangalore - 560 077

Dear Captain,

Hats off to your book Captain!

I started reading your book long time after I bought the book and then I felt that I missed all those days of not reading your book. When I started reading the book I thought of reading one topic a day but I read many on my first day itself as the book is very impressive and it tempted even a non-reader like me to read more topics on my first day itself. All your given topics and examples are attached to everyone’s life and in some way or other I also came across in my day to day life. Even if I forget the topics after sometimes, all your good examples stay in my mind stable.

Special thanks to you Captain as I have cultivated the habit of reading books starting with your book. No one can get an opportunity of clarifying the doubts in person with the author all the times, which I do with you. Happy to be your reader! This book will be a great success and my best wishes to you to write many more books like this!!!


Dear Capt. Subbu,

This book reminds me of none other than Ayn Rand, Jeffrey Archer, Arthur Hailey, P G Wodehouse, Sidney Sheldon, Edgar Allen Poe ( the Poet ) Wilbur Smith, and so many authors from the ester years. The narration especially takes a beautiful stride towards LIVING EACH MOMENT happily. In fact it took me nearly 8 months to complete the BOOK and I guess it is something FANTABULOUS

Cheers Captain

Capt. Manian Krish
Icons Realtors

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