RdL Programme – Participants Testimonials


“Romancing de Life”. A complete life enhancement programme. This programme was really a programme which thought me how to live a smart life. I had learnt how to do each and every thing in a right manner. This programme had completely changed my lifestyle.


Varnika Varadh (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)

Nice but would it been an outdoor venue it would have been more interesting a lot.

Kapil Subramoniam (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)

I became fearless and it’s a kind of self motivation programme. It helps us to develop self-confidence through this programme I learnt a lot of things. In this programme I had a quality time with my new friends. we enjoyed the whole day.

M.Swarnalakshmi (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)

Feedback : This programme does not end within two days. But it will be continuing for life long as per the idea of the programme and moreover I learnt a lot from this program not just about the hobbies but about the real face of the life and I definitely think that I can make many changes in my life from this programme and the way the programme held was nice and I got attracted towards Capt. Subramoniam Sir.

K.Prasanth (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)

Feedback : It was a very good programme. I enjoyed the two days. I learnt many things and could see a lot of things.

S.Shravan (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)

Feedback : It was a great session and I came to know about many new things and learnt new. It was interesting and useful.

As there were few people it was more interaction section and able to concentrate more.

All were useful and if there is a mistake also they point out and correct it at that time, which I like a lot.

Deepak C Gupta (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)

Feedback : Excellent

Navin Gettu (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)

Feedback : I honestly accept that this two-days programme is really a package of skills, Skills say life personal skills and interpersonal skills and everything from nook and corner of what do we do in our daily life.

Mainly I thank this programme for its interpersonal skills, group discussion, or an organizing skill, I have heard about that but first time I have practiced in it, and some initial ways of self defence first aid are also very helpful.

And I wish to learn some of the skills with some more depth such as martial arts and trekking.

I. Arun Kumaran (Participant, RdL - May, 2012)












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