Capt. K. R. Subramoniam,

As you already know, I was frequently making extended business trips to Chennai during late 2006 & early 2007. During this period, I came in contact with “Fulcrum Tours & Travels” (hereinafter referred to as “Fulcrum”) in connection with securing reliable transportation arrangements during my numerous visits to Chennai, India from my home in the USA.

I was extremely impressed with “Fulcrum’s” ability to make complicated travel arrangements within and outside Chennai without a single failure. “Fulcrum” staff always adjusted to my frequently changing travel needs and consistently delivered what was promised. Especially considering Indian conditions of multiple uncertainties, I view “Fulcrum’s” performance in this area, to be truly remarkable.

Additionally, on several occasions, I had the opportunity to discuss other issues with Capt. Subramoniam of “Fulcrum” and was pleasantly surprised to find out about “Capt.’s” skills in the area of “Team Building”. I am sure that initially he picked up these special skills while he was in Army. However, he really took a keen interest in this area and developed some excellent training programs which are now being offered through “Fulcrum”. I am confident that most medium and large size Indian companies will significantly benefit from these programs.

During my 30+ years of large scale Project Management work in the USA, I have been involved in several “Team Building” programs. As I was sharing some of my experiences in this area with Capt. Subramoniam and one of his “Fulcrum” partners, I realized how developed “Fulcrum’s” programs already are. I am absolutely certain that with passage of time, these programs will only get even more targeted and effective.

I would strongly recommend that the management of any medium or, large size companies in today’s India, seriously evaluate benefits of Fulcrum’s “Team Building Programs” which I am sure, are being continuously developed and customized by Capt. Subramoniam and his colleagues.

Dipak Sen
Director – Project Risk Management
Foster Wheeler North America Corp.
Perryville, New Jersey 08809

Dear Mr Subramaniam ,

Good day. The training program that you had done with Lotte India Corporation Limited had indeed made a everlasting impact on all the people who had the opportunity to avail their presence for the same. I was surprised to find that the other employees of the concern who did not come for the program had a cult in the mindset that they have missed something special which in itself says how good the program was.

The program as such had inculcated people to come out of the mind blogs and now days the relationship between people has improved to a great extent.

The training program has evinced an output which does excel the expectations as such. A special word of thanks is due to Capt. Subramoniam who had executed the program in such a way that it was a program involving fun and learning.

I wish that we as an organization would have the opportunity to conduct similar programs in near future.

Looking ahead towards a long term friendly business relationship.




Thank you all for making this trip memorable. I am sure the regulars ( who had been on the previous treks) will agree that this trek was by far more challenging and adventurous and terrain was not easy. As in any event there will always be some scope for improvement and I would like all of you to spend some time and pen your thoughts.

A special thanks to Capt. Subbu, you lived up to your title.

warm regards

Badrinath P.Midthe
Risk Advisory Services 

 Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.
 TPL House, No. 3 Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600018, India.

Hi Folks,

Great people do great things… it's about my first OBT. Yes i have draw together the words to express my gratitude for our team heads who made the week end a wonderful time.

No reason to bid a smile to others but we have a lots of reasons to thank this organisers. Few of them are here…

The Captain Subbu from the fulcrum created the ground warm and sometimes heat. The guidance and the experience he shared with us in deferent segments will help us in the days ahead. I wondered on looking towards the power we reached when we are being as a team and works out. He extracts the talents from every one and the magic he made us proud to be in our admin family.

The team we are the real TEAM… I AM PROUD OF BEING IN TO THAT.


Slash Support

Dear Sir,

It was really a memorable trip for all of us.

We had a great time during our stay at Talakona especially the walk to water fall and the trek next day morning. We not only enjoyed the trip but learnt some very good things which we can carry forward with us for rest of life. We are really lucky to get a friend like you from whom we can look to learn many things.

The food too was amazing.

I am attaching couple of photos. But many other wonderful moments are captured in my mind

Thanks & Regards,

Mahi & team

Dear Capt,

Thanks for the e-mail and the beautiful photos of the Akshardham temple. It is really magnificent with the water in the moat and at night with the lights on it. It really is an impressive building! Thanks for taking us there. We would never have had the opportunity otherwise.

We are so glad we visited India and saw all the things we saw with you. It was great that you know your birds and could share your knowledge and enjoyment of nature with us. We enjoyed that. When you visit us, we can show you our birds and beautiful country.


Country Head – South Africa
FFE Minerals (FLD’Smith)

Dear Capt. Subbu,

Thank you for your mail: I had hoped to get in first with a mail to you! Helen and I will regard this as a lifetime experience, and all thanks to you and the meticulous planning.

We have already given your details to our travel agent in our town, and we mention you every time we talk about our trip: we would naturally recommend you to anyone thinking of coming to India.

Best wishes, and every success in the future. (Two pics attached: just sorry I didn't get one of the Senior Director!).

Steve Eisenstein
Orthopaedic Surgeon













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