Our Strength

Mission / Objectives / Motto

To create an Integrated & Awakened Society by moulding participants through Quality Training with Personality Enhancement & Teamwork Activities

To provide Quality Training with adequate focus on Personality Enhancement Activities imparting Self-Motivation through Self-Confidence by Self-Development with Teamwork into the participants to conquer the competitive world with confidence

"Romance de Life - Lead with Leadership - Elevate without Elevator"

SAPE Services

Slingshot Programme


  • The programmes imbibe Leadership qualities, Communication skills, Delegation skills, Negotiation skills, Man Management, Resource Management, Time Management, Stress Management, etc. into the participants in a practical way.
  • All the above programmes can be customized as single day programme as well as 2 or 3 days programme as per the exact requirements of the participants
  • These programmes can be conducted as in house training, workshop, retreats, camps, etc. as both indoor as well as outdoor activities

Quality Assurance

Our Strength

  • Quality Trainers
  • Practical & Pragmatic Approach
  • Interactive Sessions with Personal Attention to Individuals
  • Creating an Ideal Environment for Self-Motivation
  • Periodically Upgrading the Training Modules
  • Establishing a Longstanding Association with Participants
  • Exclusive programme can be facilitated on convenient days at convenient locations for an  Individual or groups, subject to feasibility
  • Determination / Dedication / Discipline

Look forward, ahead and beyond...
The ‘Nature’ of an individual can be ‘Nurtured’ through ‘Personality Engineering

Welcome to Slingshot Academy

“Man wishes to fly like a bird, sing like a cuckoo, dance like a peacock, swim like a fish; but man doesn’t wish to live like a man”

– Swami Vivekananda

Slingshot Quotes

Slingshot Academy for Personality Engineering (SAPE) is one of the premium Academies run by professionally experienced and dedicated personalities with focused mind on imparting awareness into the participants to explore the life on their own with practical approaches focused on simplicity and sustainability...

Personality Engineering

You are your best friend and you are your worst enemy too. Everyone is ‘Intelligent’ but some are projected as “Fools.” Everyone is ‘Smart’ but some are projected as ‘Dull.’ You need to develop yourself to live a quality living.

The ‘Law of Nature’ is the “Survival of the fittest” and by nature, we are born unprepared to face this world and need to develop ourselves to survive.

Better learn swimming or get sunk in this competitive ocean. So human beings definitely need to be trained to live a quality life.

Engineering is the science, skill, and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and also build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and process.

Personality Engineering is the science, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge, in order to design and also build Personality structure, behavior, character, etc.

Like how a beautiful temple could be built / modified / renovated by applying the science of engineering, everyone could build a quality life by carefully applying the techniques of personality engineering to the self and the others.

The Nature of a Person can be Nurtured through Personality Engineering...

Why Slingshot?

Many skills are acquired very easily but sustainability of those acquired skills pose a real challenge and many of us fail miserably in spite of acquiring many good skills. One thing that every individual to keep in mind to be successful on a longer run is that the law of ‘simplicity & sustainability’ should be applied before whatever an individual aspires to acquire. An ideal example for this ‘simplicity & sustainability’ is a ‘Slingshot’.

Simpler the lifestyle, easier and more enjoyable the life will be… Simple lifestyle does not mean the absence of ambition, aspiration, goal, hard work, etc. If these things are absent, then the life becomes lifeless…

Simple life does not mean leading an inefficient life… It is actually making the life effective and efficient with minimal complexity and confusion…
Slingshot is one of the simplest weapons but as effective as any other modern weapons… So simple to make, highly inexpensive, easily available, no involvement of technology, no user manual to operate… still if used in a right way it is very effective and the output is amazing…

Never under estimate the simplicity of any technique or skill for its final results… Remember many of the expensive medicines and tablets for various diseases are extracted from the locally available herbs and marketed in attractive capsules or containers… Why not make your own medicine from these herbs directly if possible? This will be cost effective, authentic and more than that, you enjoy doing it yourself…

If you understand the concept of slingshot and apply the same in life, you can achieve your target without much fuss in life and enjoy the journey rather than diverting your attention to unwanted complex issues thereby not being able to enjoy the journey thinking only about the destination…

At Slingshot Academy for Personality Engineering (SAPE), all the modules are simplified and made more pragmatic and interactive to ensure that the participants understand and assimilate by creating a lively atmosphere rather than just conducting like classroom sessions. Here they understand the knack of putting efforts without putting (deliberate) effort

Philanthropist, Educationalist & Industrialist Shri Abhayakumar releasing the book “Romancing de Life: Live Smart – Live a Royal Life” penned by Captain K R Subramoniam

Army Chief General Dalbir Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC receiving the book 'Romancing de Life: Live Smart - Live a Royal Life' authored by Captain K R Subramoniam in the presence of Lieutenant General Ashok Shivane, VSM, General Officer Commanding, 1 Corps and Colonel of the 50 Armoured Regiment

"Romancing de Life: Live Smart - Live a Royal Life" Book
Authored by Captain KR Subramoniam

Postal Stamp released by the Army Postal Service Corps, India Post, Govt. of India with the photograph of Captain KR Subramoniam

Extracts from "Romancing de Life: Live Smart - Live a Royal Life" Book

A small step in mind, a Giant Leap in life...